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Okay, I know that I haven't posted much on the sessions as of yet, however I thought I would do that after this post.

Overall the conference was outstanding. I was told that there were over 8000 people in attendance. It was really well run and the attendees were constantly doing something constructive and worthwhile. The evening events were spectacular and a lot of fun. The Microsoft folks sure know how to throw a party.

I was talking to some folks that have been networking with and they asked me what my thoughts were on what is being released. My response was "It is the equivalent to the difference between SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2007". For lack of a better adjective it is unbelievable. The changes and thought that Microsoft has put in to this next release will cause the same nearly insurmountable tidal wave of implementations and upgrades by companies globally. SharePoint 2010 is amazing.

If you are a SharePoint developer/administrator/architect then the best thing you can do is get a hold of the beta when it is released in November. If you thought 2007 was huge just wait until you get a look at this monster. J

I will now get on to blogging about some of the sessions I attended.


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