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A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to present on SharePoint at a Wine and Cheese Server 2008 Launch event. It was quite an event. The event itself had over 150 attendees' signup and was very busy. And to hold true to most all events there were some terrific raffle prizes. One guy actually went home with a new Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero III.

It is still amazing to me the acceptance and the challenges people are facing with SharePoint. On one hand companies are implementing SharePoint at a break neck pace, yet many of them are becoming rapidly upset with the implementation because it was implemented carelessly or by someone that just didn't know the nuances of SharePoint. On the other hand I had a couple of attendees that were very excited about the implementation at their office, but the rest of the office was refusing to use it because it was just another new application that was installed and they were never asked if they actually needed it. While others were still in the process of evaluating it and getting their heads around what SharePoint could do for them.

For one thing it was an eye opening experience to see such a wide spectrum of people interested, frustrated, and confused about SharePoint.

Which will lead me to my next post….

Until then, Happy Coding.


Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:48 PM SharePoint , General Ramblings | Back to top

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