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Well, way back when .NET came out everyone got really excited about how revolutionary the changes to the development platform were. 

But there was never a really good migration path and having to either rewrite or access COM components via and Interop layer really crippled the explosiveness of .NET. 

I think Microsoft learned a great deal about what they create and how it affects the users life.  When the tool makes your life easier, it isn't supposed to drop everything you have coded previously. 

Anyhow, this time they have made a great attempt to create a complete conversion tool to migrate your code.  According to Michael Bundschuh (Msft) they have reacted to many real life coding situations that were obtained from users that were previewing the conversion tool, and had made many changes to direct complaints about the conversion process. 

The end product?

From what I was able to witness in the session, Michael created a website with a list of the main problems that they were seeing the community having issues with and with that code in 1.1, he was able to convert to 2.0 in a very short amount of time.  Now, you might say, “Yeah, but that is a session that he has made for the show”.  Well you might be right, but he did say that the main goal was for a person to be able to convert a medium size solution to 2.0 in an after noon. 

 For some good information check out this link.

Also, he did mention that since not all code is perfect and they more than likely haven't solved every possible coding situation, that they have set up a forum for this process and the team is constantly on trying to make this process a bit easier or help where they can.

So, when it makes sense to take the time to convert to the newer version you should have a bit better experience and shouldn't feel like you are left out in the cold.

Check out the resources and I must give a high amount praise to Michael and the team for trying to make our lives easier. 


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