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Well, now that I have some time to kill (installing the RTM VS2005), I thought I would start to blog about some of the sessions I have attended out here in Las Vegas.

The first session was with a Microsoft employee Jeff King.  The session was about some of the new features of VS2005.

I thought that I had seem them all, but he did a great job of keeping the session interesting and also showing off how easy VS2005 is going to make a developers life.

A list of things that he covered:

  • Better integration with ASP.NET
  • Increase in developer productivity
  • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express is FREE for 1 year!!
  • Script block (in Source view) has better functionality for intellisense, and color coding reserved words
  • Local Web Server use to serve up developed .aspx
  • 200+ new controls
  • Membership
  • Master Pages
  • Theme Support
  • Copy Website functionality (to deploy your website when it is done)
  • Standards compliance with XHTML Trasitional 1.0
  • Section 508 compliance and Checking!!

Now , I know that many of you have already seen some of these or might already be using some, but the one that I really would like to point out that I would like to emphisize is the Section 508 compliance and checking tool.  This is important to many companies for contracts with some states or government organizations, but more importantly so that disabled people are able to enjoy your site too. 

My Hat is off to MSFT.  They have done a wonderful job.


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