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This quote (from the "License to Summon" rulebook for The Laundry role playing game system) may amuse.

Laundry employees can get a license to summon. It’s not that hard. Just complete a few basic Health and Safety and Demonology Courses, do the test, complete the very simple practical exam, and you’re certified. Peter-Francis Young has one, for Yog’s sake! It’s less demanding than getting a Microsoft Certified Professional qualification, and just like an MCP, a license to summon allows you to loose mind-eating horrors on an unsuspecting world.

The games designers are obviously continuing with the anti-Microsoft digs found in the source material, the “Laundry Files” series of novels written by Charles Stross. In his writings, Charles does not come across as a big fan of the Microsoft range of products. In fact, last October he ranted at length on “Why Microsoft Word must Die”. Not a happy man as far as IT goes.

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