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For some time, I had been trying to use my Nokia N95 8GB with my TomTom Rider 2nd generation.

The TomTom is a complete navigation appliance that can connect with many phones through bluetooth. Not only can it access the phone functions so that one can make phone calls while riding the motorcycle (!), but it can also access the phone's data link so that it can retrieve traffic information, weather, buddies, and the whole lot.

With my previous phone, a QTEK 8310, connectivity with the TomTom worked without flaws. The new Nokia caused problems, as did the Sony Ericsson bluetooth headset that was supplied with the N95.

Finally, I decided I would give it another try.

Using the Tom Tome Home software, I gave the Tom Tom Rider a new version of the software. That resulted in some new features, and an improved user interface.

The communication problems were probably caused by the Nokia, so I tried to install new firmware. Nokia has a designated toolkit for that, the Nokia Software Update Tool. For convenience, this does not work on Vista PC's. My Nokia was branded by the operator, meaning that 15.x was the latest firmware available. For the unbranded phones, there is firmware 20.x. The new firmware includes "automatic screen rotation" and a number of bug fixes.

After some doubts, I decided to go for the latest firmware. This requires some tweaking, in order to "debrand" the phone. Note that we're not cheating the phone operator here, as I will continue my subsscription. With the updated operator code, the software update tool detected a new firmware version. After some time, it was installed. Note that this comes with a few drawcbacks, including a change of menu language and some lost settings.

In both the Nokia phone and the Tom Tom device, I erased all bluetooth device pairings, before I set the up again. After a few attempts, I managed to connect the phone to the Tom Tom. The Tom Tom tries to access the data link of the phone, so the Tom Tom should be leading. Now, the Tom Tom can access all kinds of data services through the phone. Additionally, the Sony Ericsson headset (supplied with the phone) can be paired with the Tom Tom.

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