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When the messages to be exchanged are “specified by example”, you might have the challenge of producing an XSD schema out of the sample XML-message.

There is a quick solution for this in BizTalk 2004:

  • Store the XML-message as file
  • Open a new or existing BizTalk project, and choose “Add existing item“.
  • Change the filter settings and folder so that the XML-file will become visible. Select it.
  • Open the XML-file with BizTalk's default editor.
  • On the editor screen, request the context menu by pressing the righ mouse button.
  • Select “Create Schema“.

A schema (.XSD) will be created in the same folder, with the same name as the XML-file.

Note that:

  • The XSD will be based on the information available in the XML.
  • Complex structure specifications might not be visible in this sample XML
  • Value limitations and element types might not be transformed correctly.
Posted on Thursday, March 23, 2006 6:12 AM BizTalk 2004 Hints, Tips & Tricks | Back to top

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