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One the coolest features of Internet Explorer 8 that most developers don’t know about are the built-in developer tools. 
You don’t have to download anything, install it, or enable it.  There are two ways you can open the IE Developer Tools, you can either hit F12, or under the Tools menu icon, you can choose “Developer Tools”. 

This tab allows you to see and edit in real time the HTML and applied styles that make up your page
as seen by the Internet Explorer DOM.

The CSS Tab
Shows you all of the styles that are being pulled down for your site, how they cascade against one another
and is useful to view and turn off styles individually or at the entire style level.  Like the HTML tab, you can edit your styles in real time to see how changing properties affects the page.  So if you’re not sure why something isn’t being styled right, this is a great place to look.

The Script Tab
Like any good development tools, debugging is a vital component of understanding why something isn’t working,
or why you’re getting that a 3 instead of a 2.  The Internet Explorer 8 developer tools let you do everything
that you’d expect in a full-fledge debugger (it’s almost as powerful as the debugging tools in VS2010 – not quite, but pretty good).

The Profiler Tab
This is the one that I think is probably the coolest feature of the Internet Explorer 8 Developer Tools, and that’s the built in code profiler.  Want to know what’s happening, what functions are being called, why things are taking longer than you expect, or not getting called, the Profile is your guide to what’s going on. 

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