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When working on large systems with many interfaces and subsystems, problems often stem at those points of intersection.  We have a ASP.Net UI that calls an Oracle Work Flow that calls a Web Service, and spins back until it reaches the UI.  The UI was receiving an error message.  So who to blame?  The w/f or the w/s?   Each group pointed the finger at the other.  Worse yet, when we tried to set a breakpoint in our model office environment to debug the w/s, the breakpoint was not being trapped.  Hmmm.  We wrote a simple test app to call the w/s in MO.  With this test app, the breakpoint was being hit.  AH HA!  w/f is not calling the MO w/s!

There was no logging or instrumentation within the w/s.  If there was, it would be quite easy to determine if it was being called, and what message it was returning to the w/f.  It's like the documentation joke.  We'll do it after were done.  There are certain features that we shouldn't save 'till the end.

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