This is a handy script to cycle through every character in a column to determine what each ascii value is.  This is especially useful when a string match isn't matching.  Often times, there is a hidden space, etc.

 DECLARE @counter int = 1;
--DECLARE @asciiString varchar(10) = 'AA%#&    ';
 DECLARE @asciiString varchar(100) 
 SELECT @asciiString = [ColumnName]
  FROM schema.TableName
  where ColumnName like '%Something%'

WHILE @counter <= DATALENGTH(@asciiString)
   SELECT CHAR(ASCII(SUBSTRING(@asciiString, @counter, 1))) as [Character],
   ASCII(SUBSTRING(@asciiString, @counter, 1)) as [ASCIIValue]
   SET @counter = @counter + 1