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Gil Zilberfeld from TypeMock: As you may know by now (from my tweeting or by looking on the DotNetRadio schedule listed on the site) there is an upcoming interview with Gil Zilberfeld from TypeMock.  He will be on the show at 5am PST.  Please send in your TypeMock and unit testing questions for him.  The submitters of any questions that I use on the show will get some DotNetRadio swag!

Jeffrey Palermo from Headspring Systems: What you may not know is that I am scheduling an interview (possibly tomorrow) with Jeffrey Palermo from Headspring Systems (creator of MVC Contrib and author of ASP.NET MVC in Action).  We will be discussing MVC Contrib and application architecture using that project.  Send your questions for him soon as that interview may be taking place as early as tomorrow evening if things work out.

Feedback: In addition to sending in questions, please also send in your feedback.  As this is a new podcast I am testing out the show format, music, ad spaces, etc.  If you have any feedback, good or bad, please send it to me at

Guest Ideas?  Also, I have a long list of guests that I am trying to get on to the show that I think would be fun to hear from.   But I am sure that there are many listeners out there that may have a different idea of who would be a good guest on the show.  If you have some ideas please feel free to send them my way to!

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