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Robotics Process Automation (RPA) - Moving towards digital transformation

World is changing and its changing at a faster pace. Companies need to transform to be able to survive in this competitive world. Focus is more and more on reducing costs and bringing efficiency to the processes.

In this context Robotics Process Automation (RPA) seems to be a natural fit. RPA helps organizations bring outsourced work to onsite with atleast 1/3rd the cost of an offshore FTE. It helps organizations to automate their manual and repetitive processes effectively and with high accuracy and lower cost.

Let's take an example of invoice processing for an organization which might take 4-5 people to do the processing and it is also prone to human errors. On the average this company spends $5000 per month for this process i.e. $60000 per year. The same process can be fully automated (~15-20k) or semi automated ($30-35k). *The numbers mentioned are just for reference.

REASPro provides automation services in Asia-Pacific and based out of Singapore. We follow five step approach towards automation process:

1. Strategy We understand and document the existing processes for our clients. following which we conduct feasibility study of the processes and pick those which can be automated readily. We help define automation road-map for the organization and also the target state.

2. Prototype: Implement few end-to-end processes as a proof of concept which helps in socializing the technology and it's benefits across the organization. It can also be used to get buy-in from the senior management.

3. Process Redesign: Those processes which cannot be automated as it is, needs some tweaking. We at REASPro brings ample industry knowledge which makes it easier to work with the Business Owners and analysts. The target process is prepared and proposed for approval from required business heads. 

4. Automate Process; The modified or as-is automation capable process is picked up and documented. Once documented, the approved process is automated and deployed into the test environment where business users test it out with different input/output parameters. After successful testing the process files are deployed in production environment.

5. Support and Maintenance: REASPro also provides support and maintenance services to the deployed processes through maintenance contracts. It includes bugs, defects and/or change requests.

If you are looking for automation services for your organization, feel free to reach out to us.

+65 9875 7439

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